Over the years we have been asked lots of questions about our fabulous speech therapy services
and these are some of the more common questions

Speech and communication problems present themselves in children differently. Some kids tend to withdraw and be quiet. Some may play alone or avoid answering questions in the classroom, while others might become frustrated and angry. Many are good at masking their challenges. Parents generally have a very good gut instinct, so if you feel that your child’s language skills aren’t quite what they should be, do not hesitate to contact us and have a quick chat to determine whether these is a need for concern. Teachers and child-care workers often have a good idea of what ‘typically developing’ language skills look like.

There is no set (minimum) age at which your child can begin to receive speech therapy. Our decision on whether therapy may be required will be determined by various factors including the nature of the difficulty; the age of your child; the impact any difficulties may have on his / her daily life. We know that an early intervention is most effective. If you start to notice challenges or become concerned, you should contact a speech pathologist sooner rather than later. At Chatterbox, we are always happy to discuss any concerns with you to determine whether you require an appointment.

As we all know, children behave differently in different environments. Teachers will often view different behaviours as your child is in a learning environment. If your child’s teacher has recommended speech therapy then it’s worth inquiring. Teachers also usually have a good understanding of what skills a child is expected to have by a certain age.

The initial assessment will normally take about an hour and can include a range of tools and activities that will help determine whether your child’s language skills are developing age-appropriately. The appointment always includes a combination of gaining information from the parent/s and interacting with the child to gain accurate information about the child’s strengths and challenges.

At Chatterbox, we have experience and a range of strategies that we can implement to make children feel comfortable and at ease. Sometimes this means that it may take a bit longer to achieve what was planned for the speech therapy or assessment session. However, it is our strong view that children need to be happy and we take the time to ensure happy, comfortable children who are more likely to engage and make gains.

Not at all, if you are concerned at any stage about your child’s speech or language development, Chatterbox is here to help.

As an experienced speech pathology clinic in Perth, we offer a broad range of speech therapy services, with a focus on your child’s individual needs. Our therapy may include play, craft, table-top activities and games, depending on the child’s age and their speech and language therapy goals.

At Chatterbox we believe that speech pathology is about enhancing your child’s communication skills so that they can fully participate in everyday life. We use therapy approaches that are evidence-based and have been shown to work. We strive to ensure that our little cherubs have fun while making goals so that they can enjoy doing the things they love. Speech therapy can also assist with literacy development including reading, spelling and writing, language development, voice control, and cognitive communication skills.

This depends on various factors, including your child’s goals, their age, how well you can incorporate practice at home, and how well they respond to the treatment. Therapy frequency will be discussed with you and can be tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Yes! Chatterbox offers services via telehealth. Please contact us if you would like further information.

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