Fun Speech Therapy for Perth Kids

Chatterbox Speech Pathology has been transforming Perth kids into happy, confident. Chatterboxes since 2009, providing fun speech therapy for boys and girls of all ages, generally aged 18 months to 12 years.

Chatterbox Speech Therapy

Our goal is to give your child the best start in life through our interactive and immersive learning environments and techniques.

Located in Perth, Chatterbox Speech Pathology focuses on using evidence-based approaches that take each child on an individual journey to enhance their speech and language skills.

Our site is here to provide you with details of our professional services and a wealth of information that will help your child grow with excellent communication, language and literacy skills.

We are a professional, friendly and personalised clinic that provides speech, language and communication therapy for children. By engaging your child in fun activities such as games and crafts, they’ll begin to reach speech, language and literacy milestones and have loads of fun while doing so!

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Late Talkers

Watching your child communicate is an exciting time for many families. If your child is slow to talk but seems to be developing age-appropriately in other domains of their language and cognitive skills, they may be considered as late talkers. We have extensive experience in providing therapy and strategies for children with such challenges.

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Stuttering can occur in children of all ages and can be a stressful time for families. Our clinic is trained in the Lidcombe Program, a well-known, evidence-based treatment approach for young children who stutter. The treatment is administered by a parent or carer in the child’s everyday environment. Parents learn how to develop fluency for their child during weekly visits with our experienced speech pathologist at Chatterbox.

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Speech therapy doesn’t just stop at talking, but also encompasses your child’s ability to communicate using written communication skills. Our comprehensive assessment will help us understand your child’s reading and writing abilities, from which we can develop a therapy plan to improve their skills and aid their learning further.

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